MohammadReza Mahmoudi

MohammadReza Mahmoudi

Front End Developer in Tehran

I am currently available for front-end projects

A year ago


Hi there! I'm Reza a front-end developer and product designer with over a decade of experience in the tech industry.

In recent years, I have focused on honing my skills in React and have completed numerous projects using this powerful JavaScript library.

In addition to my technical skills, I am also skilled in product design. I am passionate about creating beautiful and intuitive user interfaces that enhance the overall user experience.



Work Experience

2017 — Now

Sazito is the biggest e-commerce platform in Iran similar to Shopify.

2018 — 2018
Product Designer at Iran Financial Center

As a Product Designer, I was engaged by Iran Financial Center on a freelance basis to redesign their mobile banking app. My main objective was to improve the visual design and user experience of the app.

2017 — 2017
UI Designer and Front End Developer at Adtube

As a UI Designer and Senior Front End Developer at Adtube, I was responsible for redesigning the User Interface, developing and maintaining high-quality web applications, including both the main website and dashboards. In this role, I primarily used React to build and optimize interactive and user-friendly interfaces.

2014 — 2017

Takhfifan is a company that offers discounted deals on a variety of products and services through its website and mobile app. It works by partnering with local and national businesses to offer promotional discounts to its users, who can then purchase vouchers for discounted products or services.

2012 — 2015
UI Designer & Front End Developer at Pardazeshgaran Saman(SPR)

Designed and implemented modern and user-friendly interfaces for various banking applications, including online banking, mobile banking, and ATMs.

2008 — 2012
Web Designer & Front End Developer at Freelance

As a freelance UI Designer and Front End Developer, I was responsible for designing and developing responsive websites and applications for a variety of clients.

Side Projects

A service that provides analytics for Snappfood, the popular food delivery service in Iran, offers insights on total spending, most ordered foods, oldest orders, and most expensive order. Users can export and share these insights as beautiful images.

Demoz is an interactive product demo builder that allows businesses to easily create engaging and informative demos of their products. With Demoz, users can build interactive demos with a powerful chrome extension to capture events, showcasing their products in a visually appealing way and providing a more interactive experience for potential customers.